Signing event at Galignani bookstore on Saturday 26 September (4-6pm)

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François-Marie Banier is pleased to make a signing event for his three new books published by Steidl:

(text by Erri De Luca)
(text by François-Marie Banier)
(text by Atiq Rahimi)

on Saturday 26 September (4-6pm) at the Galignani bookstore
224 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Passport, Catalogue irraisonnable Vol. 3

Passport is a book of portraits of migrants living in Paris.
These portraits are illustrated by a poem by Atiq Rahimi.

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The third issue of the Catalogues Irraisonables series has been published by Steidl.


From elsewhere

From elsewhere, I recognise them at first glance – I who am usually hopeless with faces: there were times as a child when I’d bump into my father on the street and not see him – as if they were my own blood these men with thousands of kilometres behind them, who appear suddenly at Place de la République, or gathered near the Gare de l’Est station, or along the Canal St. Martin, eyes on the horizon.

Excerpt from François-Marie Banier’s text

February 01, 2020

Battlefields, Catalogue irraisonnable Vol. 2

In this book are gathered photographs taken over a period of more than twenty years, during the Gay Prides of several capitals: Paris, London, Brussels, Rome and New York.

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François-Marie Banier is very pleased to announce the release of his book Battlefields,



My roadmap: the long path through cities, fields, legs, illusions, smoke signals, sun rays, gesticulations, Gay Prides where light from the soul, the body, the heart pierces the world’s rigid, trance-like imagery.

Gays—that is to say, men and women, formerly a man or a woman—transcend genres. And I never paid attention to this before the disease known as AIDS—which, in light of the mortality to follow, numbed me with grief.


Excerpt from François-Marie Banier’s text

Dreamers, Catalogue irraisonnable Vol. 1

This book was edited by Martin d’Orgeval and Erri De Luca is the author of the texts.

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François-Marie Banier is very pleased to announce the release of his book Dreamers, Catalogue irraisonnable Vol. 1 published by Steidl.


Here I am

For twenty years of my life I did manual labor. In order to adapt, my body changed : my hands widened, my spine stiffened. But the principal transformation was in tolerating danger. Every day the newspapers report the death of workers on the job. Each year in Italy there are more than a thousand – an account leaving out the countless injured and disabled. These cases are the result of compulsory risks confronted at every hour of the day, from the highest scaffolding down to the deepest pits of a mine. […]

Excerpt from Erri de Luca’s text

A FALCON’S EYE Tribute to Sheikh Saoud Al Thani

This group show takes place from the 2nd of August 2020 until the 10th of April 2021 at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) in Doha, Qatar.

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François-Marie Banier is very pleased to lend artworks to the exhibition in Qatar in homage to Sheikh Saoud. The exhibition opened in August for a period of eight months.

“The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) will pay tribute to HE Sheikh Saoud bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Thani who was so influential in the constitution of collections for Qatar Museums and the state of Qatar in general. Sheikh Saoud’s legacy as a collector is of crucial importance to Qatar Museums as he laid the foundations of the major collections within the institution. Parts of the collection are on display at MIA, but others remain in storage. This exhibition will significantly contribute to shedding light on objects that have never been displayed in Qatar before.” […]